Q. What's the difference between your service and Internet Dating Services?

A. Not to be confused with online dating services, we cater to emotionally mature, successful, attractive, and well educated men and women who are seeking a serious and meaningful relationship, not just dating. We work one-on-one with each member to make sure they achieve success. Of course the process starts with dating quality individuals. We do what you can’t do and what nobody else bothers to do. We perform background checks, control the photography, and information. You will be professionally photographed. We spend two hours with each prospective member to make sure we are comfortable with them. We are totally private to members only. All information is confidential and private.

Q. Will my information be kept private?

A. We’ve put a premium on privacy. That means we won’t sell your information to anyone. Your name and phone number is also off-limits to members until you’ve agreed to allow someone to contact you. Member profiles are password-protected so only other members have access. We’ve worked with high-profile people including local media and sports personalities and high-ranking business executives that demand the highest level of confidentiality. Whether you’re in a high-profile position or not, everyone receives the same care and service.

Q. Are your fees affordable?

A. We offer the convenience of a wide-array of memberships at a variety of membership levels to suit your needs and budget. We’re confident that you’ll be happy with the level of service you receive at our competitive rates!

Q. What is your Membership base like?

A. With thousands of members to select from, our membership base is always changing. We value a diverse membership including people from all walks and stages of life. So, whether you’re divorced, recent college grad, a grandparent, have children or don’t want any, we have members that are looking for someone like you.

Q. How do I know if this will work for me?

A. When it comes to relationships, only you can determine if it’s a success; however, we’ll do everything in our power to get you there. Our promise to you is that we’ll actively support your membership in a number of ways including, but not limited to: making recommendations, and providing opportunity. Our goal is to help you fulfill the dreams you walked in the door with.

Q. How do I get started?

A. It’s easy. Either call us at the number at the top of the page or go to the BEGIN YOUR SEARCH button below, fill out the form, and we will contact you directly to answer any questions you have. Once you’re a member, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you begin meeting and dating like-minded single people!

We’re a personalized service that’s all about helping you find the right person in the easiest and safest possible way.

Our Latest
success Story!

Bill & Debbie

Bill joined because he wanted to meet a quality professional mate. Debbie joined wanting to find someone to share her life with. They both found exactly what they were looking for!
Bill was a member for almost a year and a half when they met and Debbie only a few months. He selected her and they started out as friends, but decided to make a commitment to one another. That was a wonderful life changing decision and the couple became engaged and married. The happy couple spent their honeymoon in Vail, Colorado.
Both members said they would tell anyone that is skeptical about joining “that is was definitely worth every penny that we paid to finally find someone!”

Amy & David

Amy: My daughter Leah actually submitted my information and I decided to join after talking to Sheryel at South Florida Introductions. The first couple of men were nice, but I was picky! Things only got serious when I went on a date with David, who I now consider my “Soul Mate.” We had so much to talk about, it was insane!

David: When they showed me Amy’s photos and I read her profile, I was excited. On our first date there was never an uncomfortable moment. When she left, I knew this could be the one. We went on many more dates; and it wasn’t long before she told me she didn’t want to spend a day without me. I felt the same way. We are now happily married and still in love.

Cindy & Bruce

Cindy became a member first. She had been widowed twice and had no intention of marrying again, but wanted a special person in her life. She wanted a change and was looking for a partner for dining, dancing, and travel.

Bruce had heard of us through a friend, and told me in our initial conversation that I would never have a match for him, because his story was too unique. He had two Doctoral Degrees and was the President of a very large national organization, but his personality was more rugged and adventurous. Somehow, I instantly knew even on the phone, these two would be a match. When I told Bruce how I felt, he cancelled his vacation to meet with me and find out more about Cindy.

Six months later I attended their beautiful wedding on Cindy’s ranch. I remain friends with them to this day, and they are just one of the many couples I have brought together.

Lee & Beth

Paula and Nina at South Florida Introductions told me that I have to date Beth, because they really get to know their members and said we had so much in common. I called Beth and we spent over an hour on the phone. They were so right! Our first date was at her favorite restaurant and we stayed for hours. We went out for many months, and I proposed at that very same restaurant. Thank you South Florida Introductions for making me the happiest man on earth!

Shoshana & Jed

Before using South Florida Introductions – I tried it all – dating co-workers, bars, friends setting me up, and online dating. What I loved about South Florida Introductions was how they facilitated everything. They took all the awkwardness out of the dating process, so we could meet in a relaxed environment.
We had a BLAST from the first night. Neither of us wanted the night to end! We couldn’t wait to see each other again!
All is well. Jed is my sweetheart and he says I’m his “angel.” I believe we can do ANYTHING together! We’re looking forward to an African Safari in the next year or so.

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