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We’re a personalized service that’s all about helping you find the right person in the easiest and safest possible



South Florida Introductions is here to help you meet not just anybody, but that person that can make you fall head over heels forever. We are a personalized service that’s all about making sure you find the right person in the simplest and safest possible way.

Finding true love in this day and age is challenging, and you need for certainty about safe dating. You won’t find our members on the online dating sites. We have thousands of members and provide you with a safe atmosphere and a unique experience to meet professional singles ages 40 and over.

We attract professional singles that have made finding a meaningful relationship a top priority in their lives. At South Florida Introductions, we value trust as the foundation that a long lasting intimate relationship we want you to find. Or matchmakers will work closely with you to find your most compatible fit.

Whether you are looking for: singles over 30 , Christian singles, Catholic singles, or professional singles, South Florida Introductions can introduce you to the most compatible people so you can start dating the best individuals without the frustration or setbacks that you may be experiencing now.

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Our Latest Success Story!!!

Before using South Florida Introductions – I tried it all – dating co-workers, bars, friends setting me up, and online dating. What I loved about South Florida Introductions was how they facilitated everything. They took all the awkwardness out of the dating process, so we could meet in a relaxed environment.

We had a BLAST from the first night. Neither of us wanted the night to end! We couldn’t wait to see each other again!

All is well. Jed is my sweetheart and he says I’m his “angel.” I believe we can do ANYTHING together! We’re looking forward to an African Safari in the next year or so.

So, why South Florida Introductions? Because we’re a personalized service that’s all about helping you find the right person in the easiest and safest possible way. Find singles in Florida today.

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